With thousands of health, fitness, exercise and workout posts on the internet it can be overwhelming and confusing for those of you looking for ideas and guides in how to get and stay healthy and in shape. This can also apply to people with a lot of experience who are looking for variety in their fitness regime.

In this website I will summarise health and fitness information as a ‘go to’ site and supplement it with what I have done to get strong and stay healthy and in shape. I will also provide links to various sites that I follow for you to explore if you are interested.

It doesn’t matter what your age or current fitness status is. Providing you don’t have serious medical conditions that limit your ability to exercise, I will discuss and show you how to get started and how to progress your strength, health and fitness to live an active life with energy while avoiding or safely ‘working around’ injuries.

For those of you already experienced, this site will provide exercise and workout variety and options to help you stay motivated and enthusiastic to maintain or improve your overall fitness.

My approach to health and fitness incorporates nutrition, exercise, sleep, mind and lifestyle. The first couple of posts will focus on an example of workout routines – what I currently do and why.

Future posts will cover a variety of topics including: getting started with isometric exercises, exercise equipment, body weight exercises, exercise substitutes, programs for progressing, working around injuries and soreness, cardio within resistance training, nutrition and many other topics.

Terminologies and Acronyms

Before you start or even if you are an experienced campaigner, there is a bewildering amount of terminologies and acronyms associated with exercise. Not all of it is justified but it does help to know what they mean. See the side bar menu ‘Terminologies and Acronyms’ for a glossary of explanations relevant to the posts.